Our culture

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, an intrinsic factor that determines the effectiveness of its operation, and a key force in promoting its sustainable and healthy development. The company culture is the inheritance of traditional culture, the crystallization of the company's long-term practice and accumulation, which has made the company's past and guided the future.

Enterprise tenet

Honesty and trustworthiness
pioneering and innovation
service first

Enterprise philosophy

Innovation as the source
Evergreen thinking, pioneering, the pursuit of excellence.
To strive for the first as the momentum
No one has, I have, others have me better, you better me new.
To seek the truth as the way
Down-to-earth, pragmatic, courageous practice.
Integrity as the basis
Sincere communication, credit first, sincere unity.

Production philosophy

Professional quality, manufacturing with heart.

Development philosophy

Eliminate obstacles, happy to travel, and make our due contribution to the life of the elderly.

Marketing philosophy

Discover the demand in order to find the market, seize the demand in order to seize the market, and meet the demand in order to gain revenue.

Talent concept

To cherish talents is to cherish profits, to own talents is to own capital, to enhance talents is to enhance the future of the enterprise.